This file contains changes grouped by the stable release in which they first appeared. See Building the changelogs for more information.

See Development Changelog for a list of changes grouped by development releases.

DFHack 0.44.09-r1


  • Fixed some CMake warnings (CMP0022)
  • Support for building on Ubuntu 18.04
  • digtype: stopped designating non-vein tiles (open space, trees, etc.)
  • embark-assistant: fixed detection of reanimating biomes
  • fix/dead-units: fixed a bug that could remove some arriving (not dead) units
  • labormanager: fixed crash due to dig jobs targeting some unrevealed map blocks
  • modtools/item-trigger: fixed token format in help text

Misc Improvements

  • Reorganized changelogs and improved changelog editing process

  • embark-assistant:

    • Added search for adamantine
    • Now supports saving/loading profiles
  • fillneeds: added -all option to apply to all units

  • modtools/item-trigger:

    • added the ability to specify inventory mode(s) to trigger on
    • added support for multiple type/material/contaminant conditions
  • remotefortressreader: added flows, instruments, tool names, campfires, ocean waves, spiderwebs


  • OS X: Can now build with GCC 7 (or older)


  • Several new names in instrument raw structures

  • army: added vector new in 0.44.07

  • building_type: added human-readable name attribute

  • furnace_type: added human-readable name attribute

  • identity: identified profession, civ

  • manager_order_template: fixed last field type

  • site_reputation_report: named reports vector

  • viewscreen_createquotast: fixed layout

  • workshop_type: added human-readable name attribute

  • world.language: moved colors, shapes, patterns to world.descriptors

  • world.reactions, world.reaction_categories: moved to new compound, world.reactions. Requires renaming:

    • world.reactions to world.reactions.reactions
    • world.reaction_categories to world.reactions.reaction_categories

DFHack 0.44.05-r2

New Plugins

New Scripts

  • adv-fix-sleepers: fixes units in adventure mode who refuse to wake up (Bug 6798)
  • hermit: blocks caravans, migrants, diplomats (for hermit challenge)

New Features

  • With PRINT_MODE:TEXT, setting the DFHACK_HEADLESS environment variable will hide DF’s display and allow the console to be used normally. (Note that this is intended for testing and is not very useful for actual gameplay.)


Misc Improvements

DFHack 0.44.05-r1

New Scripts

  • break-dance: Breaks up a stuck dance activity
  • devel/check-other-ids: Checks the validity of “other” vectors in the world global
  • devel/dump-offsets: prints an XML version of the global table included in in DF
  • fillneeds: Use with a unit selected to make them focused and unstressed
  • firestarter: Lights things on fire: items, locations, entire inventories even!
  • flashstep: Teleports adventurer to cursor
  • ghostly: Turns an adventurer into a ghost or back
  • gui/cp437-table: An in-game CP437 table
  • questport: Sends your adventurer to the location of your quest log cursor
  • view-unit-reports: opens the reports screen with combat reports for the selected unit


  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a symbol table in symbols.xml had no content

  • Fixed issues with the console output color affecting the prompt on Windows

  • autolabor, autohauler, labormanager: added support for “put item on display” jobs and building/destroying display furniture

  • createitem: stopped items from teleporting away in some forts

  • devel/inject-raws:

    • now recognizes spaces in reaction names
    • now recognizes spaces in reaction names
  • dig: added support for designation priorities - fixes issues with designations from digv and related commands having extremely high priority

  • dwarfmonitor:

    • fixed display of creatures and poetic/music/dance forms on prefs screen
    • added “view unit” option
    • now exposes the selected unit to other tools
  • exportlegends: fixed an error that could occur when exporting empty lists

  • gui/gm-editor: fixed an error when editing primitives in Lua tables

  • gui/gm-unit: can now edit mining skill

  • gui/quickcmd: stopped error from adding too many commands

  • modtools/create-unit: fixed error when domesticating units

  • names: fixed many errors

  • quicksave: fixed an issue where the “Saving…” indicator often wouldn’t appear

Misc Improvements

  • The console now provides suggestions for built-in commands

  • binpatch: now reports errors for empty patch files

  • devel/export-dt-ini: avoid hardcoding flags

  • exportlegends:

    • reordered some tags to match DF’s order
    • added progress indicators for exporting long lists
  • force: now provides useful help

  • full-heal:

    • can now select corpses to resurrect
    • now resets body part temperatures upon resurrection to prevent creatures from freezing/melting again
    • now resets units’ vanish countdown to reverse effects of exterminate
  • gui/gm-editor: added enum names to enum edit dialogs

  • gui/gm-unit:

    • made skill search case-insensitive
    • added a profession editor
    • misc. layout improvements
  • gui/liquids: added more keybindings: 0-7 to change liquid level, P/B to cycle backwards

  • gui/pathable: added tile types to sidebar

  • gui/rename: added “clear” and “special characters” options

  • launch: can now ride creatures

  • modtools/skill-change:

    • now updates skill levels appropriately
    • only prints output if -loud is passed
  • names: can now edit names of units

  • remotefortressreader:

    • includes item stack sizes
    • some performance improvements
    • support for moving adventurers
    • support for vehicles, gem shapes, item volume, art images, item improvements



  • Gui::getAnyUnit() supports many more screens/menus


  • Added buildings_other_id.DISPLAY_CASE

  • Added job_type.PutItemOnDisplay

  • Added twbt_render_map code offset on x64

  • Fixed an issue preventing enabler from being allocated by DFHack

  • Fixed unit alignment

  • Fixed viewscreen_titlest.start_savegames alignment

  • Found renderer vtable on osx64

  • Identified historical_entity.unknown1b.deities (deity IDs)

  • Located start_dwarf_count offset for all builds except 64-bit Linux; startdwarf should work now

  • New globals:

    • version
    • min_load_version
    • movie_version
    • basic_seed
    • title
    • title_spaced
    • ui_building_resize_radius
    • soul_next_id
  • The former announcements global is now a field in d_init

  • The ui_menu_width global is now a 2-byte array; the second item is the former ui_area_map_width global, which is now removed

  • adventure_movement_optionst, adventure_movement_hold_tilest, adventure_movement_climbst: named coordinate fields

  • artifact_record: fixed layout (changed in 0.44.04)

  • incident: fixed layout (changed in 0.44.01) - note that many fields have moved

  • mission: added type

  • unit: added 3 new vmethods: getCreatureTile, getCorpseTile, getGlowTile

  • viewscreen_assign_display_itemst: fixed layout on x64 and identified many fields

  • viewscreen_reportlistst: fixed layout, added mission_id vector

  • world.status: named missions vector

  • world fields formerly beginning with job_ are now fields of, e.g. world.job_list is now


  • Added a new dfhack.console API
  • API can now wrap functions with 12 or 13 parameters
  • Exposed get_vector() (from C++) for all types that support find(), e.g. df.unit.get_vector() ==
  • Improved json I/O error messages
  • Stopped a crash when trying to create instances of classes whose vtable addresses are not available

Older Changelogs

Are kept in a seperate file: HISTORY - old changelogs